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Amalia Jewelry is introduce the unique value of Indonesian Jewelry
& Acessories that based on Indonesian heritage. We
develop and combine the product in modern style, also we based on
academic reference when come into development process. Preserving
the process in jewelry tradition is our mission.
Most of our product using copper or bronze as a base and finished
with gold/silver plated, this is our signature.
We start from Triwindu, the antique market in Solo – Indonesia for
preservation movement.

Most of our product is handmade, made by local artisan in some place
In solo, Yogyakarta, Mojokerto, & Pasuruan. The main material is
copper, some of brass, and the finishing product was in silver or gold
plated, which is more reliable and suitable for quality. The process for
our product is use some technique in well known in jewelry process,
filigree, casting, also chisels (tatah-java). Also, we develop the custom
product (acessories & jewelry) that base on ethnic/antique from
Indonesian Culture.

Instagram: @amaliajewelry
Location: Pasar Triwindu & Yosoroto Solo, Jawa Tengah

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