PT. Salaku Cara Enak Makan Salak


SALAKU®️ Is a local brand from Bekasi, established in 2016, the pioneer of the first zero-based all-round processed snake fruit producer in Indonesia which produces snake fruit which is a typical Indonesian tropical fruit into various processed food and packaged drinks born from innovative recipes and tastes nice. The tagline SALAKU®️ is a delicious way to eat salak.


SALAKU®️ created the latest innovative recipe in processed all-round salak, namely snake fruit crackers not chips, crackers are processed snake fruit which is combined with the ingredients of tapioca flour and other Indonesian special spices that require a tested and measurable composition of ingredients in the right ratio to get the taste of crackers that are crunchy, savory, crunchy and delicious without leaving the snake fruit taste.


SALAKU®️ committed to provide  snake fruit crackers as a tasty and healthy meal companion. Snake fruit crackers already have a distribution permit, are halal certified and have an official nutritional fact label from PT. Saraswanti Indo Genetech. Made from gluten-free tapioca flour combined with processed snake fruit inside, the cooking process goes through a 3x process without the use of chemicals & preservatives.