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Hi, I’m Frank Castle.

I’m The Founder of The EduMall Academy.

Facing the study with the right mindset can change our chances of learning everything necessary. At the same time, having learned these contents will make our way of interpreting the world change.

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Online Courses for anyone, anywhere

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Equip learners with a wide range of coding knowledge for education and coaching purpose

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Study keeps your brain growing because everyone know that we cannot reach the top of knowledge

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You can learn anytime from anywhere, so, you control your study with all our tools & courses

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Having a sound basis of skills and knowledge with us and boost up your career

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People love EduMall, so do you. Because this is the All-in-one solution for any Online studying, eLearning center.

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Working with @edumall is like having a family member who can fix everything. They know what you need, exactly when you need it.

Oliver Beddows

/ Designer, Manchester

I have chance to use @edumall to create my online center’s website. It’s amazing experience, I’d love your product so much.

Madley Pondor

/ Reporter, San Diego

I have done some researches and found out @edumall. Fortunately, I am not regret for my choice, it’s perfectly for my project!

Mina Hollace

/ Reporter, London

Thank you ThemeMove – the team behind of @EduMall. Your design is so beautiful and save my time & money. You guys rock!

Luvic Dubble

/ Designer, Manchester


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